Exhibitor FAQ

We do not have pipe & drape for the Regionals. These are just table top displays. Each exhibitor will have a draped table – approximately six to eight feet in length, tables vary by each hotel. Each table will have access to an electrical power strip. Be sure to pack your own extension power strips. The hotels will charge you if you need to borrow one!
Once you check in at the AEA Registration Desk, you can proceed to the ballroom where the table top exhibits are set up. Your company name will be on an assigned table. We do not send out your table number prior to the meeting.
A week before the Regional, the registered representative from the exhibiting company will receive an email with the subject line, “Exhibitor Update - Regional”. The email will provide the location of the table top exhibits, location of the registration desk and times to check in and set-up. The update will contain any last minute details.
The exhibit hall at all Regionals is only open on the first day of the 2-day conference. Please check the AEA website for the particular Regional you are attending. You will find the exhibit hall hours on the meeting schedule.
YES, we only have the ballroom for one day – the exhibitor is responsible to pack up their display and make sure it gets to the hotel business center for outbound shipping. Don’t forget to pack shipping tape, waybills, etc.
Ship it to the hotel address provided on the AEA website – each Regional has its own page that contains the address of the hotel. Be sure to label the shipment to your attention / AEA Regional. You will be responsible for any charges from the hotel for receiving your shipment. Be sure to check on the arrival prior to your arrival at the hotel.

Note: The AEA does not work with any international shipping concierge services.
Refer to the photos either beside or below from past conferences.

2024 AEA Regionals


September 5-6, 2024

Reno, Nevada



September 12-13, 2024

Toronto, Ontario


South Pacific

September 26-27, 2024

Melbourne, Australia



October 10-11, 2024

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



November 12-13, 2024

Copenhagen, Denmark



November 21-22, 2024

Jacksonville, Florida