Certified Repair Station Training

This weeklong course provides an interactive environment to learn, understand and implement the regulations that govern repair station design and operations.

Presented by: Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government & industry affairs.

FAA Accepted 5 Hours - Course # C-IND-IM-180621-K-010-001
Acceptance Letter

Who Should Attend?

Current quality managers, technicians, mechanics, and repairmen who are involved in the management of a repair station as well as individuals looking to establish a 14 CFR Part 145 repair station.

U.S. Regulations for Repair Stations

This program will review the regulations applicable to a U.S. certificated repair station engaged in maintenance, preventive maintenance and alterations of U.S. registered aircraft, components or accessories. This training program will review 14 CFR Part 145 and how various other regulatory parts interface with Part 145. This module includes a thorough examination of the U.S. regulations needed to manage a U.S. FAA certificated repair station.

  • Part 145 – Repair Stations
  • Part 43 – Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration
  • And the applicable maintenance sections of:
    • Part 91 – General Operating and Flight Rules
    • Part 121 – Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, and Supplemental Operations
  • Part 135 – Operating Requirements: Commuter and On Demand Operations and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft

Preparing for an FAA Audit of your Repair Station

This course will include a complete review of the FAA guidance and policy regarding the procedures to assure a repair station is operating within the criteria of its manuals.

The instructor will describe the path of regulatory authority from the repair station and explain what the FAA is looking for in an audit. Using AC 145-5 and FAA Order 8900.1, this course will allow the repair station to perform an internal audit prior to its annual FAA audit to assure that it is operating as stated in its various manuals.

Many repair station feel that the FAA audit is an unknown, "gotcha" procedure that is feared.  Following this program the student will understand the scope of the FAA audit, understand the logic of the audit items and be able to be better prepared to receive an external audit.

Students will be provided with the reference links to all FAA regulations, guidance and policy.

Writing Repair Station Manuals

Why pay thousands to a consultant who simply wants to use a template for you with no real understanding of your business? Don’t over-commit your repair station to processes and procedures outside the scope of your work. Simplify your manual, speed up your audits and maintain compliance with this thorough review of your manuals.

In this two-day hands-on course, attendees will draft or revise their own:

  • Repair Station Manual
  • Quality Control Manual
  • Repair Station Training Program.

Bring your laptop, current manuals and be prepared to write.

Alvin J.

Attending this class will give anyone a better understanding of the regulation and how to satisfy them.

Angelo C.

Great instruction, beautiful facility, friendly staff, very accommodating! I am coming back for other classes.

Jason M.

It is an eye opening necessity to being a part of 145 Repair Station

David B.

An excellent training source for setting up a repair station

Michael H.

extremely good information and take it before writing your manual.

David D.

Clarifies the far's and make less confusing and he answers any questions you might have.

Brent O.

Great overview -Enough detail to navigate the rules

Calum B.

Ric was fantastic! The whole course was an invaluable insight to the whole repair station process! I now feel so much more comfortable with the regs. Well worth the time & money. It will save us alot in the big run!

Donovan R.

class is well worth it. Definitely intended for those who already have some aviation background.

Chris L.

Very good for a beginner as well as a refresher to an existing 145

David B.

Best thing I could have done!

Todd M.

Attend this course!!

Jason B.

Priceless! Take it before starting a 145!

John W.

A must for anyone considering/w/ a 145. Valuable information to help revise S & P to ensure success and profitability.

Bill W.

Do it!

Chuck  G.

This course wll challenge your own knowledge, even if you are very experienced and help you grow as a technician and inspector.

David  S.

If you need to understand the rules for a Repair Station, attend this class. Well worth the investment!

Drew B.

An eye opener of how lack of knowledge on the repair stations part of a regulation can cause unneeded changes.

Sebastian T.

Would recommend to anyone looking to write or revise their RSM!

William T.

Whether starting s repair station or managing an existing one, this class will help improve /perfect all your repair station documentation.

Luis O.

Ric Peri bring his countess years of experience dealing with the FAA into this course and breaks the certification of CRS process down& into formula that goes a long way towards success.

Jonathan E.

This course is a must for any managerial or supervisory employees, you will leave with a better understanding of the regs

Camron S.

Very informative, easy to understand & thorough explanation of "regs" pertaining to repair stations!

Raymond S.

his class can help your repair station save money, expand knowledge, and feel comfortable speaking the FAA

Sergio R.

I think anybody looking to move up from a tech position should have to attend this course.

Chandra R.

Great class, whether you're new to aviation or an "old timer" you will greatly benefit from this class.

Jim F.

Well worth the time to further your knowledge of FAR regulations.

Levi S.

The CRS course is extremely valuable to both existing and start up repair stations. Ric gives many insights to help you form & run an effective repair station.

Walter D.

To read 145 and study it before coming.

Billy H. C.

Keep an open mind and come to class ready to absorb a lot of information

Raymond C.

Go attend!

Richard A.

The material in the class is great! It not only covers the regulations, but helps you understand how they apply.

Yamil P.

Definitely worth the time and money. There is so much valuable information to be obtained even for an already established CRS.

Dan B.

This class brings the regulatory requirements of a repair station into a clear concise picture.

Matthew  V.

The class is very beneficial for gaining perspective and knowledge before modifying RSM/QCMs

Blane P.

I have 25+ years working w/ 14 CFR and thought I didn't have much to gain by attending, but I was very wrong...I learned a ton!

Kelly T.

Very informative relevant information. Worth going if you are needing to apply for a repair station.

Michael B.

Cannot comment at this time

D.J.  S.

Good material for start up or established CRS

Eric M.

This class is an excellent tool to assist with writing a repair station manual.

Anthony F.

Excellent review and training on the regs and how to use them to write the manual. Actual focus on how to write the manual could use more focus.

Richard L.

It's hard to come in to this class with "zero" manual development and make progress on your own manual it seems more geared to people with manuals.

Charles C.

Excellent instruction on FAR 145 and how it relates to the other FARS and how the FAA looks to apply those to my manual

Kristian B.

If you are involved with any role besides being a tech, come to this class, the amount of information you learn is very helpful for anyone in a part 145 repair station.

Heather H.

Good for companies at all levels of the spectrum; new employees or as refresher; start ups or large corporations will benefit.

Caleb C.

You can't afford not to come and learn if you want your repair station to grow towards perfection.

P. Douglas K.

Be prepared to evaluate your manual and improve it.

Jason C.

Fast-paced, regulatory-based class for those who need to know the who, what, why and how of getting up and running a compliant and effective repair station.

Amy W.

I would tell anyone that it is well worth the time and money. It helps you understand the inner workings of the different parts of the CFRs and that you can't read just one.

Erik J.

Excellent course for anyone needing to better understand FARs.

Shaun A.

Good investment

Kennny M.

This class is a must for any individual or company looking to become a 145 repair station

Todd W.

Informative, lots of information.

Mark M.

Definitely worth it. A must for Accountable managers. Recommended for chief inspectors. Quality managers, training managers.

Mike R.

Very informative and well worth the time and money.

Christopher C.

Absolutely recommend to any persons in management positions of a certified repair station.

Michael F.

This is an excellent class that thoroughly explains the regs in a clear and logical way.

Richard K.

All shops (145) should take this to greatly improve many aspects.

Gabriel A.

Ask questions, write notes.

Allen D.

It is very demanding but you will understand the regs much clearly by the end. All should take to just learn more about what you could be doing right or wrong.

David A.

Worth you time.

Chris D.

Knowledge is key and this class will not leave you wanting. Would recommend this class to anyone.

Patrick G.

Come ready to learn from the industry's best instructor. Be ready to learn!

Danial R.

It is information you will not get anywhere else and that is highly recommendable.

Cameron K.

This course delivers you the knowledge to be in control of your business, and is so much more than a step-by-step process.

Brooke H.

Long but worthwhile.

Jose Roberto N.

It's a good and perfect way to begin with your business.

Ludwig Nicholas L.

The course is well organized with material specific to repair station manual production.

Bill L.

Should be required training for anyone transitioning from the technician to inspector role.

Zane B.

Ric is incredible informative and knowledgeable in regs and the know how of why they were created and how to comply.

Jaramey H.

Very informative class and Ric is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Paul M.

Definitely attend no matter the phase of your repair station.

Angel G.

Definitely worth your time and money. You will come out much more knowledgeable to be able to help your business.

Krit M.

Great course for learning to write MRO manuals and aviation data/information

Daniel H.

Well worth attending.

Don K.

Great info. Be prepared to learn and write a lot.

Cristobal F.

A must for every technician, chief inspector, accountable manager in an aviation repair station

Kaleb K.

Ric really knows how to present regs in a good way and not be too boring.

Peter H.

Do your own research on 145 repair stations prior to attending but definitely take it . It is worth the money.

Ron C.

The instructor is very knowledgeable and covers a lot of material. The manual development approach was handled very well. The course met my expectations.

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