Developing an Internal Audit Program for Repair Stations

This course focuses on the basics of internal auditing and the development of an internal audit program, providing the tools and methods necessary to meet the international regulatory needs as well as the continuous improvement of the repair station.

Presented by: Ric Peri, AEA vice president of government & industry affairs.

Are you an EASA certified repair station? Did you know there is an internal audit requirement in your EASA supplement?

Do you have foreign certifications that require an internal audit program?

Is your FAA inspector asking you about an internal audit program during their surveillance?

Do you want to enhance your basic quality control program with a proactive internal audit program?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, our new course -- Developing an Internal Audit Program for Repair Stations -- is designed for you.

Developing an internal audit as part of the internal evaluation program helps provide written guidance to management. This safety assurance activity is designed to ensure compliance with regulations; determine conformance with company policies, standards and best practices; and to measure conformance with and the effectiveness of safety risk controls.

As internal audits are performed; findings reveal new hazards and existing system/process/control deficiencies. Follow-up audits ensure the effectiveness of risk controls and corrective actions and results are communicated to appropriate personnel as lessons learned. This leads to continual improvement and proactively enhances safety throughout the organization.

Michael Y.

Great class

Barry E.

Take the course to help you build an IEP for your organization.

Billy C.

Come ready to participate!

Earnest H.

The class is fun and full of great information and material for quality control/Assurance. A must attend for any QC/QA personnel.

Bill L.

worth the investment of time

Dan B.

A great starting place to develop an IEP when you have none

Brent W.

This will allow you the information to set in motion a fact based audit that is based on continuous improvement,

Bill  W.

Its a great course for beginner and still a good refresher

Donovan R.

class is very thorough & informative. The instructor relates back to open conversation when giving examples

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