Aircraft Instrument Systems

This course is designed for avionics technicians or apprentices who want to learn more about aircraft instrument systems and better understand their operation, installation considerations, and maintenance to become more effective troubleshooters. From simple mechanical gauges to complex electrical and electronic systems, this course covers nearly every instrument system in an aircraft.

Presented by: William Tramper, Azimuth Aerospace Solutions, LLC

Course Objective: Students will learn the theory of operation, installation considerations and maintenance of a wide range of systems from analog gauges to glass cockpits, for flight, engine, and navigation.

Course Goals:

  • General Theory of Aircraft Instruments
  • Pressure Measuring Instruments
  • Remote Sensing and Indication
  • Mechanical Movement Indicators
  • Temperature Measuring Instruments
  • Direction Indicating Instruments
  • Gyroscopic Instruments
  • Electronic Instruments
  • Warning & Caution Instruments
  • Time Measuring Instruments
  • Instrument Installation Considerations
  • Maintenance of Instrument Systems
AEA Member $449 | Non-Member $549 | Academic $399