Navigation Systems Line Maintenance & Testing

This course will provide in depth knowledge of theory, operation, testing, and troubleshooting for common aircraft navigation systems, to include VOR navigation systems, Instrument Landing Systems, and Global Positioning systems. Students will receive training on the setup and use of the Aeroflex IFR 4000 associated with the testing of aircraft navigation systems. Perfect for those who have completed AEA’s Basic Wiring and Avionics Installation Course or for those who want to enhance their aircraft line maintenance knowledge and understanding of navigation systems and their testing.

Presented by: Azimuth Aerospace Solutions LLC - Bio

Course Goals:

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the following

  • Avionics equipment certification and avionics maintenance and procedures.
  • Principles and levels of aircraft navigation.
  • VFR and IFR certification processes for aircraft avionics systems.
  • Various aircraft navigation system designs, configurations, and system integration.
  • Theory and operating principles of VOR navigation systems.
  • Theory and operating principles of Instrument Landing Systems to include Localizer, Glideslope, and Marker Beacon.
  • Theory and operating principles of Global Positioning Systems.
  • Required aircraft navigation system functional test procedures to include a working knowledge and operational use of various common ramp test equipment and power measurement devices.
  • Operate and test VOR/LOC, Glideslope, Marker Beacon, Distance Measurement Equipment, Global Positioning Systems, and Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon Systems using manufacturers instructions and using common ramp test equipment.
AEA Member $299 | Non-Member $399 | Academic $249